Fireplace room

Our Fireplace room

The cozy side of Norderney

The fireplace room in our hotel, is the meeting place with comfort and warmth!

Want to sit back after breakfast, or do you need to wait for the taxi/ bus to come? Just relax in this cozy room and create a small conversation with someone to pass the time.

At 15:30 o´clock, guests are welcome to enjoy teetied (teatime). At this time our service staff will serve drinks like  Ostfriesentee, a special tea beverage on Norderney, that one drinks in a pot with candied sugar (kandis) and a bit of cream, and appetizers like cake and/or a fresh baked waffel.

Norderneyer pure comfort!


This also applies to our house guests, which would prefer a coffee instead of a cup of tea.

After a long stroll along the Norderneyer beach, a nice hot Grog as a ´quick drink´ will heat you up in no time. Even when we have a small storm on the island, our Kaminzimmer is the right place to shelter against the hard wind. After a short while you will be able to go outside again, and experience the ongoing spectacle.

Want to play a game? No problem, we have many different boardgames. Play a friendly game of ludo, in which the looser has to buy the next round of drinks!