Our Team

Our Housekeeping is inspecting a hotel room

Our team and familiy will be there for you.

During the season, a total of 28 - 30 people work in the hotel, to give our guests the best service, making their stay as comfortable as possible.

We are very lucky, that many employees are already working several years for us. This is not naturally common in the hospitality branche.

During the season, we are a ,,big family´´, because most of our employees live close to the hotel. Most of the time our team consists of 5 different nationalities, at which in the sommer months 1 a 2 hotelstudents also join us for a 3 montly internship. It is fun, and at the same time interesting, to work with young people from other countries.

Our housekeeping departement is our biggest departement with a total of 10 women. They are responsible for keeping the rooms, appartements and other rooms clean and tidy.

They also make sure, that there are enough fluffy towels in the bathrooms and in the health resort department. We as familie Niemeyer agree, that they are doing a great job.

The first contact

The first time, one comes in contact with our hotel, by Email or Phone, is mostly trough the reception.

On arrival, you will be greeted by our dutch employee Peter Vegter, with a friendly ,,goede dag´´.

Like many hotels, we also make sure that all of our departments come together at the center, namely the reception. Therefore mr. Vegter is the main contact for our guests, as well as the different departments.

During the season, mr. Vegter is supported by our service staff and our family.

The reception gladly helps with questions, small problems and giving tips to make your stay more pleasant. We know a lot about the island, because the island is our home where we grew up.

The linchpin of our reception
Our comfortable fire place room invites you to relax and enjoy a Ostfriesischen Teestunde (tea time)

Our service

Our service staff will always have an open ear for your wishes, and time for a personal conversation.

This team that consists of 7 empoyees helps us, to spread a friendly and casual atmosphere in our hotel.

They are in charge of preparing a wonderfull breakfastbuffet, and to make sure you are well thought after, they greet you with a friendly ,,Guten Morgen´´ while serving hot drinks and juices.

During the afternoon and evening, our service staff is also responsible for serving our delicious 3 course meals.

Health and Spa departement

In our spa- and wellness departement, you can be pampered by our 3 professionals.

When walking inside for the first time, one will directly notice the general feeling of a teamspirit.

We are able to offer you all of the typical treatments, like baths, massages, inhalations, cosmetic health treatments and pedicures.

We are also delighted, that many from the island Norderney visit our spa- and wellness departement. Meaning, we would happely go trough your appointment registrations in advance. During the winter, our motivated therapisits continue to learn more about their work, making sure they are able to offer the best treatments.

Therefore, we as a family, support our employees financially



Registration and reception for the wellness treatments
The Matrosenteller starter, will increase your appitite.


In our kitchen, we have a small motivated team of 4 employees that are responsible for your physical well-being.

Our kitchen chef, mr. Tilsch, has been with us for several years. Till this day, he and his team create beautiful plates and little treats for the breakfastbuffet.

In-addition to the breakfastbuffet, he is responsible for the daily changing 3-course-meal in our restaurant.

We as the family Niemeyer always look forward to the start of the season, because then we too can enjoy choosing and eating the various delicious meals.

We thank you!