Hot Stone

Hot Stone

Experience the clenched power of the volcanos. Heateded basalt stones are placed on energypoints of the body and are led over the oiled skin. The beneficial effects of this massage can release muscle tension/ hardening. The intensive heat has a soothing effect on the heart and circulation, that improves the relaxation process and it can even reduce insomnia. It is very good for the body, mind and soul.

Price:75,00 €


Well-groomed hands and nails give a good feeling and create self esteem!

- Shaping the nails

- Remove and oil cuticles

- Hand care

Preis:24,00 €

Basic body treatment

Our basic body treatment is a wellnessprogramm for the entire body, with a full body peeling, a Seawater bubbelbath and a cosmetic full body massage.

Price:57,00 €

Spa foot treatment (large)

Medical foot care followed by foot reflexology.

Do you want to highlight your body in a special way, then spoil yourself with this treatment, and by doing so achieve well-being and general health improvement.

Price:59,00 €

Back treatment

- Peeling, evaporate
- Cleaning
- Massage
Price45,00 €

SPA-Treatment (build-up)

Experience a anti-aging-treatment for the mature facial skin. With an extra handmassage and peeling. This exclusive face application causes cell formation and reduces signs of aging.

It consists of:

- Cleaning
- Peeling
- Face, neck and cleavage massage
- Fleece or algae active mask (depending on the type of skin)
- Skin analyse
- evaporate
- Packung
- Additional ampoule

- Final care





82,00 €


Extras in this treatment

Face peeling  Price. 5,00 Euro
Wirkstoff ampulle (active ingridient)  Price: 10,00 Euro
Coloring the eyelashes  Price: 12,00 Euro
Coloring the eyelashes and eyebrows  Price: 20,00 Euro
Eyebrow correction  Price: 7,00 Euro