The Swimming pool

The Seawater swimming pool in our hotel

Even before breakfast starts, guests are able to start the day with a nice relaxing swim in our own Seawater swimming pool at 7:00 o´clock. Our Northsea water, which we use for our spa departement and pool, comes from our own 60 meter deep water source. From to time to time the water can look a bite cloudy. The reason for this, is because our water from the swimming pool contains manganese. Gladly, the healing effect of the water stays the same.

The water temperature is 32°C, a pleasant warmth for your joints and body.

To get to the swimming pool with ease, our guests can use the elevator. Therefore, guests can change into their bathrobes and walk to the pool entrance inside the hotel. For our guests who booked a holiday appartement, we created a extra entrance, located in the back. 

Our Northsea water - swimming pool has a volume over 60.000 liter. It has a depth of 1,30m, because we want a comfortable swimming area for unpracticed swimmers as well. During certain times, you are able to use the current system and the "Jet" nozzles. The nozzles create a strong waterflow, to reduce tensions in the back, where the water touches.

Besides the swimming pool, guests can find a cozy conservatory with sun beds. It is permeable to UV-A. Therefore guests are able to tan, even when the sun does not shine on Norderney. You are able to get to our sauna area by stairs, located in the pool. As our name Hotel Haus Waterkant suggests, a hotel along the waterside, we find it important to offer our Thalasso-treatments in a natural and sustainable way.  In total, want you to feel very comfortable in our hotels!