Our hotel saunas

Experience, how nice it feels, when warmth brings little wonders!! Guests can use our own two saunas, after a long walk on the island Norderney, to really sweat and relax.

The classic among all the saunas is the Finnisch sauna: hot and dry. Both our saunas have different temperatures, the hottest one has ca. 90 °C  and the colder one has a temperature of 65°C.

The colder sauna is suitable for those, who normally dont use saunas regulary, and want to try it out. To cool down, after the sauna, guest can use our cold seawater filled plunge pool, the showers or our small outside fenced area. Afterwards, our wintergarten in the pool area is a great place to loosen up.

Addionally, our hotel has its own infrared-(heat-light) cabine from Physiotherm, situated in the sauna area. This cabine has a temperature of ca. 27-37 °C, in which the body is able to relax without stressing the cardiovascular system. This can have a positive influence on your own body immunity system. 

Healthy heat that works. 

  • Relieve tension
  • Relieve back pain
  • Increase the blood circulation
  • Strenthen the immunity system
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase regeneration after a long excercise
  • Stimulate purification and detoxification