Spa/ Wellness treatments


Massages improve the general wellbeing

Our well educated therapists are able to massage in a soft way where, what was once tense, will loosen up. They will also soothen the muscle hardness.

Partly massage

Duration approx:20 Minutes
Price:22,00 €


Book three partly massages in one go

Price:62,00 €

Big Massage

Backmassage and intensive treatment for special problem areas.

Duration aprox:40 Minutes
Price:42,00 €

Total massage

Relaxing massage for the entire body, with enough time to concentrate on all of the problem areas and further wishes.

Duration approx:60 Minuten
Price:60,00 €
Massage in our spa and wellness department

Sand bath

In the 18. century the Norderneyer fishermen were already using the sun-heated dune sand for reliefing their work-related arthritic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In Haus Waterkant the sand is electrically heated. The sand amount of 250 kg and the fineness (grain) of the Norderneyer dune sand, allow the patient to be put in the sand with a respective indication for the adjusted depth. A dry warmth, on a large area and with a constant temperature, causes a lasting relaxation and pain relief. Using a nettle cloth, we make sure that the body does not come in contact with the sand. There will be no heat build-up, sweating and therefore no treatment-related cardiovascular-stress.

Duration approx:20 Minutes
Price:17,00 €

Northsea schlickpackung (silt)

Northsea schlick (silt) belonges to the purest natural products, full of salts and minerals. Schlick works in a cleansing and anti-inflammatory way. Enjoy the warmth on your back, while being completely wrapped.

Duration approx:20 Minutes
Price:20,00 €
North Sea schlick (silt)
Bath towels with blossoms

Our baths

For a long time Seawater has been know as a source for health and wellbeing. It refreshens and gives new energy.

The Seawater bath (full), with or without bubbels, cleans the skin and creates a very soft feeling.

Good results for neurodermatitis, it works anti-inflammatory and relieves itchy feelings.

Duration approx:20 Minutes
Price16,00 €

Excercise pool in North Sea water

The 32°C warm North Sea water is the ideal element to connect movement exercises with overal muscle building. When doing this in Seawater, it gives off a feeling, that you only feel a part of your body weight. It can also improve the overal mobility. Our therapits will show you how it goes.

Duration:20 Minutes
Single  12,00 €
Three times  29,00 €

Seawater inhalations (single)

The cleansing substances of the North Sea water will penetrate deeply in the bronchi and have an expectorant effect. It clears the respiratory tract and the anti bacterial effect provides a lasting relief.

Duration:10 Minutes
Price  7,00 €
Five treatments  25,00 €
Reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology is a form of therapy, that has since been developed into/ as a established form of treatment. Inside our feet are reflex zones, which immediately reflect the current condition of the human body. By using targeted grips, our therapists will be able to reorganize/ stimulate organ functions and increase blood circulation.

Trough gentle pressure on reflex points, certain bodyparts (organs) will react with a reflex. These adressed zones will then "wake up" with the effect that it will dissolve blokages.

Single  Price: 42,00 €
3 Treatments  Price: 105,00 €

Manuel Lymphatic drainage

The manual lympfhic drainage is a gentle therapy, where our therapists stimulate better lymphatic drainage. This lympfhsystem will function better and protein edema, water accumilation tissue, are reduced, with the possibiltiy they completely dissolve. 


Duration: 30min

  Price: 37,-€

Duration: 45min

  Price: 49,-€

Duration: 60min

  Price: 62,-€